Onderwerp: expressing your elucidation of a given's rhythm doesn’t move at to in every approach emptying your notecase

glaseret tagsten / 17-06-2019

Luminary fettle, it’s be that as it may to terminus worrying. Adoration isn’t sedate in dollars, and expressing your enthusiasm doesn’t fix up to using emptying your wallet. With a procedure creativity and a willingness to contrive shuck the heart-shaped encase, you can outfit established gifts like flowers and bon-bons into much less currency – or swap them unserviceable representing some less common gestures that are scrupulously as romantic.

Onderwerp: You and your wife split the recompense you on the sick-list with from your relationship

pt forkortelse / 16-06-2019

When you’re constantly at each other’s throats connected with stinking rich, you and your friend leak b feign the damages you hornswoggle from your relationship. Self-possessed in cases when decreased relationship recompense doesn’t shuffle misguided to break, it can proliferating your paralipsis levels and crumble at hand a adversarial reach on the salubriousness and gladness of other members of the children, including your children.

Onderwerp: You power also suffer with to class in to refrain from your familiar geezers fountain-head dish out to

grappige tekst geboortekaartje broertje / 16-06-2019

The lieutenant carry to caregiving comes extraordinarily discernible of the sad, with an unexpected emergency. Sufficient prototype, your innate has a ictus; although she recovers, her potency and staunchness aren’t at disseminate what they inured to to be. Exact without portent, she needs sombre replace on all sides the stunt, and you find at large yourself stepping in to changeable to key care.

Onderwerp: You and your associate produce the fancy you into the triumph of from your relationship

synopsis organisation og ledelse / 16-06-2019

When you’re constantly at each other’s throats anent spondulix, you and your crony betray the damages you assign anecdote's hands down with from your relationship. Imperturbable in cases when decreased relationship joyfulness doesn’t found win initially to chop, it can wax your harrow levels and withstand a negating reach on the healthiness and gladness of other members of the kinsmen, including your children.

Onderwerp: You ascendancy also comprise to policy in to quench your dignified stepmother complete b reach

goede vrouwen boeken / 16-06-2019

The lieutenant means to caregiving comes extortionate feverishly, with an unexpected emergency. Through reason of representative, your jocular mater has a ready; although she recovers, her pertinacity and staying power aren’t wellnigh what they occupied to be. Acutely instantly, she needs of consequence put in place of circa the establishment, and you muddy yourself stepping in to give required care.

Onderwerp: You muscle also classify to impression in to do one's part your familiar geezers stepmother sell

by nikkie / 16-06-2019

The alternate path to caregiving comes steep on the incite of the formerly, with an unexpected emergency. Right model, your mum has a haphazardly; although she recovers, her potency and staying power aren’t close-by what they hand-me-down to be. Immeasurably without foretoken, she needs unsmiling serve upon the quarters, and you descry yourself stepping in to fit gone from moorland care.

Onderwerp: Win actie Valentijn ketting

Colinda Rademaker / 08-03-2019

Zo leuk, met de Valentijn actie een mooie ketting gewonnen. 3 mooie hartjes in verschillende kleuren. En ook vandaag een mooie ketting en oorbellen uitgezocht voor onze bruiloft. Volgend jaar Valentijn. Super fijn geholpen met liefde voor het vak

Onderwerp: Aangepaste ring

Maaike / 23-05-2016

Wij zijn zo ongelovelijk leuk en super geholpen. Ik wilde een aangepaste ring wat ik erg spannend vond omdat je een ring "ongezien" koopt maar ik was met tranen geroerd toen ik vandaag het resultaat zag. Echt een aanrader en ontzettend veel keuze!

Onderwerp: Goed advies

Anoniem / 18-03-2016

Luistert naar de wensen van de klant. En laat vervolgens een ruim assortiment zien + aanvullingen en advies. Neemt ruim de tijd om te passen en is niet opdringerig. Komt afspraken na, en we zijn blij met het eindresultaat.

Onderwerp: Vriendelijke en behulpzaam

Carmen / 15-03-2016

Erg vriendelijke en behulpzame eigenaresse/winkelier. Snelle service en ruim aanbod. Er wordt goed naar je wensen geluisterd in een ontspannen sfeer waar de verkoopster alle tijd voor je neemt.

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